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IRS Partial-Pay Installment Agreement – Drummonds, TN

An individual located in Drummonds, TN hired Timberline to resolve his personal tax liability of over $500,000.  The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case immediately obtained a 60-day hold on enforcement to allow time to gather the client’s financial information which allowed us to determine the most appropriate resolution.  After the financial analysis was complete, the Associate was able to start negotiations with a Revenue Officer. Through extensive negotiations the Enrolled Agent was able to secure a Partial Pay Installment Agreement, allowing the client to make $100.00 monthly payments on his tax liability for one year with a minor increase after 1 year. The remaining monthly payments of $284.00 will be made through the collection statute expiration date. At the time of the agreement the total taxpayer liability was $540,470, at the time of collection statute expiration dates the taxpayer will have paid about $31,000, resulting in an anticipated savings of $509,550!

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