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Commercial Lenders

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Insights for commercial lenders

Get the insights you need to make smart loan decisions.

Deciding loan eligibility can be risky business, and having incomplete information can leave you exposed.

The first step in vetting a potential borrower is typically to search public records for federal tax liens. If the report comes back clear, you may feel false comfort in approving the loan.

However, these public records won’t show you the full picture. You may be missing hidden tax liabilities that could change your mind about who to fund.

Timberline Tax Group can help – we use REAL tax experts who get accurate, complete information directly from the IRS, so that you’ll know all potential tax problems before you approve the loan.

Start making smarter loan decisions today. Contact us for a free consultation and get our tax experts in your corner.

How we help

Commercial lender solutions

Timberline Tax Group partners with commercial lenders to get them the critical info they need on potential borrowers.

Here are a few reasons to get us on your team.

Find hidden tax liabilities

If a business fails to pay its taxes, the IRS is NOT required to file a lien – and they often don’t! In fact, the IRS can seize assets, bank accounts, and more, and it will never show up on public records. So just doing a public records search isn’t enough.

Real people, real experts

Instead of relying on an incomplete public records search, our team of tax experts works directly with the IRS to get all the insider information you need. We’ll find ALL the tax liabilities, even the ones that haven’t been filed as liens.

Loan with confidence

Not doing proper due diligence can expose your business to big risks by accidentally lending to unqualified parties. With our tax experts on your side, you can rest easy knowing you’re making loans based on complete and accurate information.

Our Promise

Peace of mind guarantee:

 If within the first 15 days you are not satisfied with Timberline Tax Group’s representation, we will refund any money paid. No questions asked.

Start making smarter lending decisions today

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