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IRS Currently Not-Collectible Status – York, SC

A generations-old, family-owned business from York, South Carolina hired us in order to manage his business account with the IRS, as the total owed came to be over $1.1 million in back taxes. The business owners were also being assessed personally, while dealing directly with an unresponsive Revenue Officer. The Enrolled Agent initiated representation with the Revenue Officer, but this individual failed to respond after several attempts to communicate. We continued to monitor and protect the account, while full financial information was analyzed. It was determined that the taxpayer was a great candidate for a Currently Not Collectible status. The Associate bypassed the Revenue Officer and with great persistence he was able to negotiate the resolution with the Office of Appeals. The client is protected and has no obligations to pay the outstanding balance. This will allow the client to maintain compliance and continue to catch up on its regular tax obligations.

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