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IRS Levy Release – Chicago, IL

A security agency located in Chicago, Illinois hired Timberline for overall account representation and help with a resolution to the business tax liabilities owed to the Internal Revenue Service in the amount of $4,724,229. A levy against the taxpayer’s business bank account was issued the same week they hired Timberline and needed to make payroll. The Associate assigned to the case immediately began negotiating the release of the levy to allow the business to cover payroll for their employees. Negotiations with the Revenue Officer proved fruitless, so the Associate went up the chain of command to the Group Manager, again with no response. With no reply or appropriate communication from the Internal Revenue Service, the team went to work reaching out to the State of Illinois House of Representatives and members of the Senate in order to plead the importance of employees in their state getting paid. Two members of Illinois’ House of Representatives contacted the Associate directly, which prompted the Area Manager of the Internal Revenue Service to finally have a conference with the Associate. During this conference, additional documentation was requested from the business. There was no denying the levy was improper and should be released. The Associate and Area Manager finally came to terms and they allowed part of the levy to be released in order to cover payroll. The Internal Revenue Service released $120,782.42 back to the business!

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