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IRS Lien Release

A taxpayer from Snow Cap, NC hired Timberline for account protection and resolution regarding her personal federal tax liability. After reviewing the taxpayer’s account, the Associate noticed that a lien was assessed to the taxpayer for tax liabilities in 2004. The Associate investigated the lien and determined that it should be released due to the passing of the Collection Statutory Expiration Dates associated with the underlying tax liability. The IRS agreed and sent official correspondence expressing that the lien was released on November 21, 2019. However, when the taxpayer was in the process of selling her current home and moving to another in September 2020 the broker, she was working with noticed the lien was still active. Immediately upon hearing this the Associate investigated the matter with the IRS Lien Desk and discovered the lien had never been released due to a clerical error on the part of the IRS. After negotiation with the IRS an official lien release was issued on September 15, 2020. Free of this encumbrance the taxpayer was able to sell her current home, purchased her new home, and pay her 2019 tax liability with the proceeds.

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