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IRS Offer In Compromise – Aurora, IL

A non-profit entity located in Aurora, Illinois hired Timberline Tax Group to assist in resolving its $340,000 tax liability owed to the IRS. The balance initially stemmed from payroll tax balances owed from 2012 through 2015; however, a civil penalty in the amount of $168,000 was assessed after representation was initiated to bring the overall balance over $500,000.00. The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case immediately initiated holds on the account to ensure there was no enforced collection action taken by the federal government. Once that was completed, a full financial analysis was conducted, and it was determined that the best option for the taxpayer was to move forward with an in-business Offer In Compromise. After strenuous negotiation with the IRS, it was determined that there was doubt as to collectability on the account and an Offer In Compromise was approved for $32,811.20 which saved the taxpayer a total of $481,123.03.

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