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IRS Partial-Pay Installment Agreement – Connecticut

An Emergency Transportation Provider in Connecticut hired Timberline to negotiate an affordable resolution for its business liabilities with the Internal Revenue Service. The Revenue Officer assigned to the case had been difficult to communicate with regarding the financial statements for the business, and was seeking a monthly payment of over $6,000.  The Enrolled Agent managing the case was successful in keeping the client protected from enforcement action and making sense of the financial information that the Revenue Officer could not decipher.  The Enrolled Agent worked with the Revenue Officer and the Appeals Department throughout the course of one year, and due to the Enrolled Agent’s persistence, a Partial-Pay Installment Agreement for $3,150 per month was established on a $500,000 liability.  This agreement will save the client $60,000 based on the current balance and up to $500,000 through the life of the collection statute including the penalties and interest that continue to accrue.

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