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IRS Partial-Pay Installment Agreement – Holyoke, MA

A small-town auto service center located in Holyoke, Massachusetts hired Timberline in hopes of seeing fair resolutions of its $246,400 outstanding federal and state liabilities. The Enrolled Agent was successful with initiating a hold of enforced collection action through the IRS Revenue Officer that was assigned. Working diligently, it was also determined that there was a previous levy that was issued to the taxpayer’s credit card merchant account. As such, the Enrolled Agent tracked down the funds that were being held in the amount of $50,000 and get this released to the taxpayer. Once this was completed, a Partial-Pay Installment Agreement in the amount of $600 was negotiated. As long as the taxpayer remains current and compliant with all federal tax obligations, $154,217 will be written off of the account once the Collection Statute Expiration Dates run their course.

There was also a potential seizure by the State of Massachusetts Department of Revenue at this same time. The Enrolled Agent swiftly recognized the threat and negotiated with the State Revenue Agent to have the business placed into an Installment Agreement to satisfy the $25,000 debt. This allowed it to operate without any additional threats of being shut down.

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